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BosBros has set the standard for highquality film and television productions in the Netherlands since 1989. BosBros has a proven track record to produce such classics as The Flying Liftboy, Minoes, Winky’s Horse and The Amazing Wiplala. In addition to producing many new feature films, BosBros’s challenge for the future is to conquer the European market with animation projects.


Miss Moksy
Director: Vincent Bal. Screenwriter: Maureen Versprille. Cast: tba. Country: NL. Co-producer: Walking The Dog (BE), Superprod (FR). Status: in development/ financing. Release: 2021. Sort: feature-length animation. Duration: 90 min. Genre: family roadmovie. Distribution/Sales: tba.

Miss Moksy is a pretty cat. She and her feline friends -The Pink Ladies look down on everyone who is different. One day, Moksy goes on a holiday to France with her favorite human, Joosje (8) and her family. Rita, who runs the holiday farm, desperately wants to win the Animals-Got-Talent TV Show with her dog Tuur.

She is convinced that cute Moksy will increase her chances of winning, so when the family needs to go home, Rita locks Moksy up. Moksy escapes and sets course for Holland. But to find the way home she has to accept the help of two of the most terrible creatures a cat can imagine; Ayo, an old swallow, and that stupid dog Tuur. Along the way Moksy will find out that her old opinions might have been misguided...

Miss Moksy is a funny and adventurous roadmovie about prejudices, travelling and friendship

My name is Olivia and I can’t do anything about it
Director: Anne de Clercq. Screenwriter: Jowi Schmitz. Cast: tba. Country: NL. Co-producer: tba. Status: in development/financing. Release: 2020. Sort: feature-length film. Duration: 90 min. Genre: family drama/comedy. Distribution/Sales: tba.

It’s a story about how people can love each other, even if they are really different. And how they can, when they stay true to their love, help each other through hard times. It’s also an ode to fantasy/imagination.

Olivia is eleven years old. The major problem in her life is that her mother died. The second major problem is that her father doesn't really know what to do ... Olivia and her father live on a small boat in the garden of a barbershop. Temporarily, says her dad. But how long is "temporarily?" Olivia is in a new community, going to a new school, and has to figure out on her own how to grow up with the new normal of no mother and a father who is physically present but psychologically distant. Olivia is strong, though, and shores up both her home and her family with an incontrovertible sense of humor.