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Annemiek van Gorp & René Goossens
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Annemiek van Gorp and René Goossens have been working together at De Productie since September 1998. De Productie produces art house drama and documentaries with a strong social involvement and an artistic challenge. De Productie does not only intend to be a meeting place for local and national talent, but also a reliable partner in international co-productions. Our films are often a mix of fiction, documentary and art. We are especially looking for universal stories straight from the heart, as varied and colorful as the creators of these stories are.


10 Songs for Charity (an urban musical)
Director: Karin Junger. Screenwriter: Karin Junger, Brigit Hillenius. Cast: tba. Co-producer: Minds Meet, Altitude 100. Status: in pre-production. Release: 2019. Sort: feature-length film. Duration: 100 min. Genre: urban musical. Financers: Netherlands Film Fund, Netherlands Production Incentive, VAF, Taxshelter BE, Screen Flanders, Eurimages. Distribution/Sales: Benelux Cinemien, ABC Filmdistribution/M-appeal.

Five black women reside illegally in the Netherlands, in search of prosperity and happiness. They share a flat in a bleak, anonymous suburb, earning their living as cook, dancers or prostitutes. They endure the exploitation and the many humiliations of their fate with much humour, resilience and song. Until one day it becomes too much for them and they revolt, singing their fury from the rooftops. The wellknown producer Giorgio Tuinfort (Michael Jackson, Rihanna) and Nigerian singer songwriter Nneka will be working together with Karin Junger on the songs of the film.

Karin Junger about the film: ‘I want to capture the beauty of these woman, their dynamic energy and musicality in this film. Music plays a much bigger part in their daily lives than in ours and is an expression of their vitality and resilience. This is why I want to make a modern musical about these women. Their raw and topical story will be enriched by vivacious and contemporary dance, song and music. Music which belongs to them and encompasses their history: soul, R & B, gospel, African and Caribbean music. The songs in the film enables the characters to briefly transcend their harsh reality and reveal their secret inner life. The women sing about subjects of which they cannot speak out loud. Homesickness, dreams of a better life, the truth behind human trafficking, which is simply a matter of supply and demand and the clichés about black women being sexually uninhibited and wild.’