FATT Productions

Hans de Weers, Elwin Looije
Herengracht 174 | 1016 BR Amsterdam
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Producing Films, Arts, Television & Theatre (FATT) for a wide, international audience, FATT Productions is the new production company founded by Hans de Weers. In his previous companies, De Weers produced many award winning fims including Antonia’s Line (Oscar) and Bluebird (Crystal Bear). FATT recently produced the Netflix series & feature Film Tokyo Trial and Mike van Diem’s Tulipani.


Dead Man’s Passport

Release: 2019. Status: writing. Sort: featurelength film, 90-120 min. Genre: thriller/drama. Screenwriter: Roel & Berend Boorsma. Financers: development funding Netherlands Film Fund.

Aim at market: Co-producer

When the Mauritanian slave William is freed by an adventurous Dutch couple, his real trouble only begins: chased by his Morish slavemaster, he puts his life on the line to regain his identity and humanity in one of the forgotten corners of the world.

Though in script development, Deadman’s Passport would be a great project to further develop in this early stage (director/cast/ finance) with coproducing partners.

A as in Abel

Release: 2018. Status: financing. Sort: feature length film, 90-100 min. Genre: family. Director: Arno Dierckx. Screenwriter: Janneke van de Pal. Co-producer: Smarthouse Films (Danielle Guirguis)-Netherlands. Target audience: Children 6-9 y.

Aim at market: Co-producer, Sales-Agent

When 8 year old Abeltje find out his friend Laura’s gone missing while preparing their circus act, Abeltje has to find her. His journey brings him past tigers and bandits, escapes by a flying circus-wagon to finally find Laura.

Succesor of the popular film Abeltje (The flying lift boy) based on the book by Annie M.G. Schmidt.