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Danielle Raaphorst
Hekendorperweg 21 | 3421 VJ Oudewater
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Incredible film is a dutch production company and a worldwide sales agent. Every year they bring a varied portfolio of Dutch films to Cannes. From family adventure, to horror, from drama to comedy. Since 2009, she has produced successful films such as Madly in Love and the Escape.



Release: 2019. Status: developing and financing. Sort: feature-length film, 100 min. Genre: romantic comedy. Director: tba. Screenwriter: Anouk Smit. Cast: tba. Coproducer: tba. Financers: tba. Sales: Incredible Film.

Of course the colourful, creative, environmentally aware laboratory analyst Emma (26) should not have opened those cages and let those rabbits run free. And she definitely should have known better than to keep a flame burning in the lab while doing so. In the big fat lawsuit that her former employer file against Emma, the verdict is clear: either she pays an enormous fine or she goes to German prison for 5 months. In shock, she calls Lynn, her 15 year older friend-for-life who lives in Amsterdam. She is more than happy to put Emma up for a few weeks and to use her extensive network to get Emma job interviews in laboratories or eco-friendly companies. And so it happens that Emma moves in with Lynn and Michael and starts working in His & Hers, but if that works…


Release: 2019. Status : developing, financing completed. Sort: feature-length film, 80 min. Genre: family adventure. Director: Dennis Bots. Screenwriter: Ellen Barendregt. Cast: tba. Co-producer : Mountain Road Entertainment. Financers: a.o. Netherlands Film Fund, Marmalade. Sales: Incredible Film.

Angel is about a young girl who has special powers: she can make wishes come true – but only for good people. It is not long before she is preyed on by people who use her gift for their own ends. Angel is kidnapped and it seems as if she has lost her special talent. But then it turns out the wishes of one of her kidnappers can come true…