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Johan Nijenhuis & Co and JOCO Media are film and television production companies, specialized in (romantic) comedies, drama and family content. We focus on subjects that a wide audience can identify with, and subjects which have a high entertainment value. We produce mainstream box-office hits such as Loving Ibiza, Tuscan Wedding, Skirt Day and Boys Will Be Boys. Other projects include the TV series The Lion’s Den, Trollie and The Swell. We are always developing new screenplays and offer continuity to our filmmakers.


Summer with Rana
Director: Sanne Vogel. Screenwriter: Kate Brown. Cast: Polleke van der Sman, Nuraan Darwish, Anneke Blok, Katrien van Beurden. Country: NL. Co-producer: KRO-NCRV. Status: post-production. Release: 23 February 2019. Sort: Television film. Duration: 68 min. Genre: drama, children. Distribution/Sales: Dutch Features Global Entertainment.

Suzan (10) spends her summer with her grandmother, because her mother – Connie – is a war correspondent in Syria. She visits a recently built refugee camp near Grandma's house and befriends Rana, a fascinating girl with brightly coloured clothing. It turns out they have much more in common than just their favourite flavour of ice-cream, and they help each other in their 'summer without mum’.

Cuban Love
Director: Johan Nijenhuis. Screenwriter: Annelou Verboon. Cast: Susan Visser, Jan Kooijman, Abbey Hoes, Rolf Sanchez. Country: NL. Co-producer: n/a. Status: post-production. Release: 14 February 2019. Sort: feature-length film. Duration: 105 min. Genre: romantic comedy. Distribution/Sales: Entertainment One Benelux / Dutch Features Global Entertainment.

After her divorce, Loes (Susan Visser) has lost her faith in love. When her daughter Maartje (Abbey Hoes) decides to get married to a Cuban, Loes is on the next plane to the Caribbean island to prove that her future son-in-law is only out to get a green card. Once on the mesmerising island, Loes learns more about love than she ever had expected.