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Maarten Swart
Raamplein 1 | 1016 XK Amsterdam
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Kaap Holland Film is a Dutch film production company, managed by producer Maarten Swart, that consists of a team of passionate professionals that strive to bring high quality projects to a wide audience. Kaap Holland Film has a solid track record for crossover films with international appeal and projects that were amongst the highest grossing in The Netherlands. The slate for the next years includes (co-)productions A Shining Flaw, The Book of Everything, The Racer and the Jailbird, Dunkirk, Hannahs Paradise and Sea of Time.


A Shining Flaw
Director: Erwin Olaf. Screenwriter: Arthur Japin. Cast: tba.
Co-producers: Eyeworks Belgium. Release: 2019. Status: financing. Sort: feature-length film. Duration: 110 min. Genre: epic drama/romance. Target audience: women 20-60. Financiers: Netherlands Film Fund, CoBo Fund, Tba.

Aim at market: To present the film to potential co-producers, sales agents, local/international distributors, investors.

In Amsterdam, Lucia, a veiled courtesan, recognizes Casanova, her greatest and first love she met in Italy 16 years before. Leaving for Venice to become a diplomat, Casanova promises to marry her the following spring. Tragically, smallpox leaves her face deformed, and Lucia doesn’t want to ruin his career. Sixteen years later, Lucia realizes that it is her betrayal that is keeping him from truly loving anyone again. Without revealing her true identity, they become lovers once again. But Lucia’s troubled life has given her a deeper understanding of love than Casanova ever will.

Foto: Erwin Olaf

Hannah’s Paradise
Director: Alejandro Agresti. Screenwriter: Moniek Kramer. Cast: tba. Co-producers: De Productie, tba.Release: 2019. Status: developing/financing. Sort: feature-length film, 95 min. Genre: family drama/coming of age. Target audience: cross-over/arthouse. Financiers: Netherlands Film Fund, CoBo Fund, tba.

Aim at market: to present the film to potential co-producers, sales agents, local/international distributors.

Hannah’s Paradise is a tragic comedy about a complicated mother-daughter relation. The witty, brave and energetic 17 years old Hannah has to take care of her unstable mother Azucena, when her father, a Dutch brilliant conductor has left his Argentinian wife. Hannah has mainly been raised by the caretaker, Mlle Therese, the chubby, originally Belgian, old spinster, with whom she shares her great love for food. Mlle Therese stimulates Hannah to start her own life, which makes Azucena even more jealous.

Foto: Maria Austria