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Bas Broertjes, Aydin Dehzad & Mete Gümürhan
Ernest Staesstraat 47 | 1061 CC Amsterdam
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Founded in 2007, Kaliber Film is a creative and internationally oriented independent production company based in Amsterdam and Istanbul. We develop and produce author driven original narrative productions, making no distinction between fiction and documentary form or style. Kaliber Film productions have screened at several international film festivals, such as Berlin, Locarno, Toronto, Rotterdam, IDFA and Cinekid. Most recently Kaliber Film produced Young Wrestlers, the directorial debut of Mete Gümürhan, which-world premiered at the 66th Berlinale and won a Special Mention of the Generation Plus Jury. We’re a member of EAVE-network since 2011.


The Millenials
Director & Screenwriter: Wout Malestein. Country: NL. Status: in development. Release: 2021. Sort: web series and feature-length film. Duration: 8 episodes, 10 - 15 min. Genre: not a high-school comedy.

It's 1999, we are at the dawn of the new millennium, in a small Dutch village that is very strict and closed. The fate of the children is determined in an old computer and stored on floppy discs. The 15-year-old twins Celine and Abel are bored with their lives and want a way out of their determined future. When Celine and Abel finally get connected to the internet, Celine finds out about the anarchist movement. It inspires her to create a hangout in an old shitty barn where she and Abel just do what they want and not caring about the expectations of the town. More and more teenagers join the group. They want to decide their own future and this brings them to a plan to destroy the old computer in their school on the millennium night. By doing this they accidentally create an apocalyptic amount of damage, which includes the school totally burning down. On this night the teenagers are standing between the ashes of the school and are looking at each other while it’s raining burning floppy disks. In the background, they can hear the police coming to arrest them. They hold each other and form a line right before the police arrive. During the police interrogation, Celine, Abel and the rest of their outcast group of friends are

questioned separately about their involvements in the event. They could be getting a criminal record for the rest of their life. So, by taking their destiny into their own hands they risk losing the freedom that they were fighting for.

Director: Mete Gümürhan. Screenwriter: Marta Parlatore, Mete Gümürhan. Country: NL. Status: in development. Release: 2020. Sort: feature-length film. Duration: 90 min. Genre: coming of age thriller.

Bilge and Mo are too young to know what love is, but they do know how violence feels - intense, stirring, and familiar. They run away together, hide because of something they didn’t mean to do. But even in a place where they should be safe, they will have to fight for survival. The need for human connection becomes a quest for sensual intensity in this emotional road movie, a coming of age thriller.