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Director: Floor van der Meulen. Screenwriter: Bastiaan Kroeger. Cast: TBD. Country: NL/SLO/GER. Co-producer: Staragara Production (SLO). Status: In development. Sort: Feature. Duration: 100 min. Genre: Tragi-comedy, drama. Distribution/Sales: TBD.

Just when Iris is about to announce her pregnancy at a family celebration, her father breaks the news that he’s done with life. It’s complete. On his upcoming birthday he will end it. Done. Deal. These words turn Iris life upside down. How is one supposed to react to such news?

The Secret Life of Penny Fletcher
Director: Diederick Koopal. Screenwriter: Martijn de Jong. Cast: TBD. Country: NL/UK. Co-producer: TBD. Status: In development. Sort: Feature. Duration: 120 min. Genre: Drama. Distribution/Sales: TBD.

Woods tells the unlikely story of Neil, the aggressive brute of Sheffield who trains lowlife street crook into a World Champion Boxing, while he secretly battles his urge to be a woman.