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Keren Cogan has been producing for 10 years within her own company: Keren Cogan Films. In 2017, she decided to broaden her horizon by consulting and cooperating with cinematographers, writers and small social entrepreneurs. She stepped down from being an executive producer to create time and possibilities to follow her passion, but has remained working in the film industry as a creative producer and as a script consultant.

As an Israeli-born and Dutch resident, Keren Cogan excels in recognizing the universal potential of local stories. Cogan’s strength lies in her multicultural background and a deep interest and understanding for people and stories from various backgrounds. This enables her to work on a high level with any type of creative and entrepreneur.

Her great passion as an agent lies within the development of talent and exploration of qualities. Cogan’s strength is to help people realize their full potential. Connecting likeminded creatives with a range of skills and strategic planning of long-term social and creative processes, are fuelled by a ‘making it work’ attitude.

In 2018, Keren Cogan combined forces with Lammie Koster, ingeniously allowing them to cover all the elements that are needed to spearhead the only Director of Photography agency in the Netherlands: AIM Creative Management.


Between 10 and 12
Director & Screenwriter: Peter Hoogendoorn. Co-producer: Phanta Film (NL), Minds Meet (BE), Unlimited (FR), AVRO (NL), Mollywood (BE). Status: released. Release: 2015. Sort: feature-length film. Duration: 75 min. Genre: drama. Financers: Netherlands Film Fund, Eurimages, CoBO, Screen Flanders, Region Alsace. Sales: None.

Between the hours of ten and twelve a piece of news stops a family in its tracks, while around them live goes on as before.