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Leontine Petit, Fleur Winters, Erik Glijnis
Valschermkade 36 F | 1059 CD Amsterdam
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Established in 1995, Lemming Film is one of the leading film and television production companies in the Netherlands. It has a proven track record in delivering quality film and television productions and is specialized in fiction for children, families and teens as well as international arthouse productions.


The Photo Camera
Director: Viktor van der Valk. Screenwriter: Jeroen Scholten van Aschat, Viktor van der Valk. Cast: tbd.
Release: 2018. Status: in development. Sort: feature-length film, 90 mins. Genre: psychological drama. Coproducers: tbd. Financers: Netherlands Film Fund development.
Sales: tbd.

Aim at market: co-producer, distribution & sales, financing.

When Eveline’s (38) new camera is taken at an unguarded moment, she exaggerates the story to make sure the insurance company pays out. When the police arrest a young man with the camera in his possession, her white lie unwittingly puts a chain of events in motion that can’t be undone.

Director: tbd. Writers: Marco van Geffen & Philip Delmaar. Cast: tbd.
Release: 2019. Status: in development. Sort: drama series, 8 x 50'. Genre: journalistic thriller. Co-producers, Financers, Media, Sales: tbd

Aim at market: distribution & sales, financing.

While working for the UN mission in Darfur, Stephan Ponte, the head of UN’s demining organisation UNMINE, hires mercenaries to save kids from a schoolbus that was stuck in a minefield, in an area where the UN wasn’t allowed to enter. When the mercenaries get killed, Stephan realises he’s in it over his neck: if this comes to light it will not only cost him his job, but also endanger the position of the UN in Darfur.