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Rachel van Bommel & Suzan de Swaan
Keizersgracht 209-1 | 1016 DT Amsterdam
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The mission of Millstreet Films is to produce commercially driven and creatively spirited independent feature films and TV series and to build long-term relationships with writers, directors and co-producers. Our film catalogue includes major box office hits such as Loft, Vipers Nest, Soof and Soof 2.


Faithfully Yours
Director: André van Duren. Screenwriter: Paul Jan Nelissen, Elisabeth Lodeizen. Cast: tba. Country: NL. Status: in development. Release: tba. Sort: feature-length film. Duration: 90 min. Genre: suspense. Distribution/Sales: tba.

Two female friends Karen (34) and Louise (32) – both attractive, successful and happily married – use each other as alibi for their mutual extramarital relationships. They’re always very precise in their cover up stories, including specific details, so they never contradict each other. Karen gets into trouble when Louise is murdered at a time when they were supposed to be together. To find out who the perpetrator is, Karen will have to unravel all their previous lies one by one.

Amsterdam Vice
Director: Arne Toonen. Screenwriter: Carl Joos, Thijs Römer, Reint Schölvinck, Wolter Muller. Cast: tba. Country: NL. Status: in financing. Sort: feature-length film, TV-series. Duration: 90 min, 6 x 43 min. Genre: drama, crime. Distribution/Sales: Paradiso Filmed Entertainment.

Amsterdam, 1980. Squatters riots and demonstrations are the order of the day and in amidst all this the Amsterdam Police Department faces a security nightmare: the upcoming coronation of the new Dutch Queen Beatrix. Detectives The Cook and Montijn are the new kids on the block and are waiting for their final breakthrough in the criminal investigation department. This opportunity occurs when the partners come across a Belgian-Dutch crime syndicate during the coronation. Their first case has far reaching consequences for both their friendship and their careers.