Millstreet Films

Rachel van Bommel - Producer
Suzan de Swaan - Jr. Producer
Keizersgracht 209-1, 1016 DT Amsterdam
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The mission of Millstreet Films is to produce commercially driven and creatively spirited independent feature films and TV series and to build long-term relationships with writers, directors and co-producers. Our film catalogue includes major box office hits such as Loft, Vipers Nest, Soof and Soof 2.


Fright Night

Release: 2018. Status: Financing. Sort: Feature length film, 90 min. Genre: Supernatural thriller. Director: Bobby Boermans. Screenwriter: Philip Delmaar. Cast: TBA. Target audience: men/women, 16-30.

Aim at market: Sales, Financing.

A fun family trip to a theme park turns into a nightmare.

A suburban couple takes their three kids to an amusement park for some quality time and family bonding, but before long the trip takes an unexpected turn. It’s Fright Night, a Halloween-themed event at the park. Actors in terrifying outfits scare the visitors and regular rides are transformed into haunted houses. The family decides to stay and make the best of the trip. But when one of them gets seriously hurt, it becomes clear that not everything is just part of the act. What’s more, even this perfect family has some dark secrets of its own.

Single Street 39

Release: tba. Status: Pre-production. Sort: Feature-length film, 90’. Genre: Romantic comedy. Director: Tjebbo Penning. Screenwriter: Marnie Blok. Cast: Theo Maassen, Jennifer Hoffman, Peter Paul Muller, Elise Schaap. Co-producer: N/A. Sales: tba. Target audience: Women 25+

Aim at market: financing.

While Mo has been focusing on stepping into her father’s footsteps as a heart surgeon, her medical career has taken a toll on her relationship. When she’s finally ready to take the next step, trying to get pregnant, her boyfriend leaves her for another woman. Mo is devastated, 39-years-old and single. But if she can plan her medical career, then she can figure out family life. Unfortunately most men already have kids, are divorced or tediously boring. Then she meets her new neighbor Max, but even he turns out to be quite different from the man she was hoping for.