Mountain Road Entertainment Group

Sjef Scholte
Bergweg 12 | 1217 SC Hilversum
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Mountain Road Entertainment Group is a powerful force in local Dutch and Belgian film and television productions, and is also well known for its creative marketing and sales campaigns. The founder of Mountain Road is Sjef Scholte. Scholte has produced four successful feature films. Scholte draw from his extensive experience in the industry to focus on (co-)productions of films and TV series, both in creative development and funding.



Release: 2019. Status : developing, financing completed. Sort: feature-length film, 80 min. Genre: family adventure. Director: Dennis Bots. Screenwriter: Ellen Barendregt. Cast: tba. Co-producer: Mountain Road Entertainment. Financers: a.o. Netherlands Film Fund, Marmalade. Sales: Incredible Film.

Angel is about a young girl who has special powers: she can make wishes come true – but only for good people. It is not long before she is preyed on by people who use her gift for their own ends. Angel is kidnapped and it seems as if she has lost her special talent. But then it turns out the wishes of one of her kidnappers can come true…