New Amsterdam Film Company

Sander Verdonk, Julius Ponten, Philip Harthoorn, Thomas den Drijver & Karlijn Landman
Raamgracht 6 | 1011 KK Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam is an independent film company that operates like a studio. It develops, produces, and releases highend visual narratives. While being firmly rooted in contemporary culture, New Amsterdam Film Company combines an international network, production knowhow, craftsmanship and marketing knowledge.

“In film we trust.”


The East
Director: Jim Taihuttu. Screenwriter: Jim Taihuttu & Mustafa Duygulu. Cast: Marwan Kenzari (Ben-Hur, The Mummy remakes). Co-producer: Savage Film (Belgium), Fastnet Films (Ireland). Release: 2019. Status: financing. Sort: featurelength film. Duration: 120 min. Genre: war epic. Financers: Netherlands Film Fund, CoBO fund, NTR. Sales: XYZ.

Aim at market: Sales and Financing

1946, during the Indonesian war for Independence, the young Dutch recruit Johan joins an elite squad led by charismatic captain Westerling. As fighting intensifies, Johan trials Westerling in his brutal attempts to strike down resistance.

The Super Code
Director: Max Porcelijn. Screenwriter: Max Porcelijn & Vincent van Zelm. Cast: Ton Kas. Co-producer: Fobic Films (Belgium), Fastnet Films (Ireland). Release: 2019. Status: development/financing. Sort: feature length film, 120 min. Genre: black comedy thriller/true story. Financers: the Netherlands Film Fund, Avrotros.

Aim at market: Sales and Financing

The bizarre but true story of Jan Sloot, a TV repairman who could change computing forever and become the richest man in the world. But the day before he reveals his invention - the super code – he drops dead, the code lost without a trace…