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Sander Verdonk, Julius Ponten, Philip Harthoorn, Thomas den Drijver & Karlijn Landman
Raamgracht 6 | 1011 KK Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam is an independent film company that operates like a studio. It develops, produces, and releases highend visual narratives. While being firmly rooted in contemporary culture, New Amsterdam Film Company combines an international network, production knowhow, craftsmanship and marketing knowledge.

“In film we trust.”


Director: Victor D. Ponten. Screenwriter: Victor D. Ponten, Mustafa Duygulu. Cast: Willem de Bruin, Kevin Janssens, Björn van der Doelen, Liliana de Vries, Mark Rietman. Country: NL/BE. Co-producer: Wrong Men (BE). Status: completed. Release: September 2018. Sort: feature-length film. Duration: 93 min. Genre: thriller. Distribution/Sales: Paradiso Filmed Entertainment/tba.

The thriller Catacombs focuses on Jermaine Slagter (Willem de Bruin) in his last days as professional defender for a Dutch soccer club. His fanatical sports mentality cannot conceal much longer that he’s about to hit rock bottom outside of the field. When his gambling debt gets claimed by a match fixing syndicate, Jermaine has to go all out to keep his life on track.

Director: Daniel Bruce. Screenwriter: Ian Bruce. Cast: tba. Country: NL/SA. Co-producer: tba. Status: development. Release: 2020. Sort: feature-length film. Duration: 100 min. Genre: drama. Distribution/sales: tba.

Groundswell is set on the West Coast of South Africa, in a village dominated by illegal diamond trade. It tells the story of the friendship between Johan, a white diamond diver, and Thami, a black gardener. Johan carries a dark secret: as a police officer in the Apartheid regime, he killed an innocent black man. To ease his conscience, he has made promises to Thami about a future of wealth. When Smit, a rich, retired business man, arrives in the village, revelations are made that make the friends question the nature of their friendship.