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Revolver Amsterdam produces feature films, documentaries and hybrid media projects for an international audience. Our focus is strongly on daring films with both upcoming and established directing talent. We work between Europe, Latin America and the US as well as on international co-productions, and we are part of EAVE and Inside Pictures network. Our latest release is I dream in another language by Ernesto Contreras (Sundance Audience Award 2017).

NAMIBIA (working title)
Director: Maceo Frost. Cast: Namibia Flores Rodriguez. Status: completed. Release: 2018. Country: NL. Sort: feature-length documentary. Duration: 57 min. Financers: Revolver Amsterdam, Adidas. Distribution/ Sales: tba.

Despite boasting more Olympic gold titles for boxing than any other country, Cuba falls behind the rest of the world in its attitude to the place of women in the ring. To this day, there exists a nationwide ban on women's competitive boxing, originating from comments made by the now deceased wife of Raul Castro who expressed that Cuban women should first protect their beauty.

Namibia Flores Rodriguez is driven by her dream to become the first Cuban female Olympic Champion. She has dedicated her life to intense training at the Rafael Trejo Gym in Old-Havana – the iconic arena known for generating boxing medalists. At 39, she is now right on the edge of the age limit. The intimate film follows her last chance.

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Director & Screenwriter: Jacqueline van Vugt. Cast: tba. Country: NL. Co-producer: tba. Status: development. Sort: feature-length film. Duration: 90 min. Genre: drama. Financiers: Netherlands Film Fund. Distribution/Sales: tba.

During the 90-minute ferry crossing from Tangiers to Algeciras, three destinies – a couple in mid-crisis, a father attempting to conceal his daughter's pregnancy and two medics in a refugee rescue team – change dramatically.