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Studio Nieuwe Gronden, nowadays known as SNG Film, was founded in 1979 out of the legendary film collective Amsterdams Stadjournaal (ASJ). SNG Film still seeks to produce distinctive documentaries and feature films (and everything in between). What is important is the involvement of the filmmaker. SNG Film likes to work with young talent, but does not limit itself to that. Moreover, it is not only about the urgency in which somebody wants to tell something, but primarily the form chosen to do so. International co-productions can be a means to initiating exceptional, artistic films.


Tanzania Transit
Director: Jeroen van Velzen. Screenwriter: Jeroen van Velzen, Esther Eenstroom. Status: ready. Release: spring 2018. Sort: feature-length documentary. Duration: 80 min. Genre: creative documentary. Financers: Netherlands Film Fund, IKON docs EO (Dutch broadcaster).

We travel along in a train crossing Tanzania, a riding microcosm wherein three passengers tell their life stories reflecting on their strength to survive.

Director & Screenwriter: Janis Rafa. Cast: tba. Co-producer: Heretic (GR). Status: pre-production. Release: spring 2019. Sort: feature-length film. Duration: 70 min. Genre: art film. Financers: Netherlands Film Fund, Mondriaan Fund.

Kala-a-zar is a hybrid film about a young couple who watch over dead animals as an act to give meaning to their life.

Still from Three Farewells part I