The Film Kitchen

Jan van der Zanden, Ineke Kanters
Goudsbloemstraat 132A-hs, 1015 JT Amsterdam
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The Film Kitchen specializes in producing and co-producing feature films for the international market. It also produces short films and series for television for the national market and documentaries.



Released: 2017. Sort: feature-length film, 90 min. Genre: drama. Director: Boudewijn Koole. Screenwriter: Jolein Laarman. Cast: Rifka Lodeizen, Elsie de Brauw, Jakob Oftebro. Co-producer: Sweet Films Norway. Financers: Netherlands Film Fund, Netherlands Film Production Incentive, CoBO Fund, AVRO/ TROS, Abraham Tuschinski Fund, Norwegian Film Institute, FilmCamp, Eurimages, September Film. Sales: Pluto Film.

Aim at market: Sales

Roos travels to her mother and half-brother in Norway to tell them about her incurable illness. A silent reproach and bottled up anger about the past, however, make it impossible to talk. The unavoidable confrontation that follows brings about a big change.


Release: 2019. Status: financing. Sort: featurelength film, 100 min. Genre: drama. Director: Jan-Willem van Ewijk. Screenwriter: Jan- Willem van Ewijk. Financers: Netherlands Film Fund. Sales: tbc.

Aim at market: co-producers, sales, financing.

Traumatized by a gun violence incident, Jacob slowly loses his sense of reality as he drives across America with his beautiful, witty and troubled teenage daughter Sophie.